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SMU Circle

SMU CIRCLE is a monthly alumni e-newsletter brought to you by the Office of Alumni Relations.  Read about the latest developments from the University, find out more about the upcoming events, hear from your fellow alumni and stay connected to the SMU Community of alumni, students, faculty and staff.

For information regarding SMU CIRCLE, email Sam Wu at

SMU CIRCLE - August 2017

Get Connected with the SMU Mobile App! With this new mobile app, SMU alumni will now have their own virtual alumni card to enjoy privileges and discounts, view and join upcoming events, search for career opportunities, and more.

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SMU CIRCLE - July 2017

Alumni For Life 2017 is an annual report of SMU Office of Alumni Relations for the year in review April 2016 to March 2017.

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SMU CIRCLE - June 2017

Congratulations Graduating Class of 2017! Welcome to the SMU alumni community!

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SMU CIRCLE - May 2017

Calling all Class of 2012 alumni! It's time for your 5th Year Reunion! Find out more...

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SMU CIRCLE - April 2017

Meet SMUAA's 8th Executive Committee!

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SMU CIRCLE - March 2017

Share your experiences and provide valuable industry advice to your juniors!

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SMU CIRCLE - February 2017

As an alumnus, one of the best ways to give back is to share your experiences and to provide valuable industry advice to your juniors.

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SMU CIRCLE - January 2017

Join us in commemorating SMU's founding and celebrating its 17 years of achievements at Patron's Day.

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SMU CIRCLE - December 2016

If returning to SMU is on your list of New Year resolutions, here's your chance to check that off your list! Join us for the annual Alumni Homecoming @ Patron's Day 2017 on 20th January!

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SMU CIRCLE - November 2016

Join us for SMUAA AGM on 9th December 2016! Find out more...

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