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SMU Circle

SMU CIRCLE is a monthly alumni e-newsletter brought to you by the Office of Alumni Relations.  Read about the latest developments from the University, find out more about the upcoming events, hear from your fellow alumni and stay connected to the SMU Community of alumni, students, faculty and staff.

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SMU CIRCLE - December 2016

If returning to SMU is on your list of New Year resolutions, here's your chance to check that off your list! Join us for the annual Alumni Homecoming @ Patron's Day 2017 on 20th January!

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SMU CIRCLE - November 2016

Join us for SMUAA AGM on 9th December 2016! Find out more...

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SMU CIRCLE - October 2016

Celebrating our Alumni Volunteers! Find out more about our alumni volunteers whom we are recognising during the Alumni Appreciation Dinner 2016.

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SMU CIRCLE - September 2016

Time flies, and in the blink of an eye, 5 years have passed! It's time for the Class of 2011 to meet and reconnect!

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SMU CIRCLE - August 2016

SMU Alumni Appreciation Dinner 2016: Spirit of SMU Recognition - Call for Nominations! Find out more on how to nominate a deserving alumnus for his/her contributions towards SMU.

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SMU CIRCLE - July 2016

With the assistance of SMU’s Office of Integrated Information Technology Services, alumni can now access your lifelong email account, the alumni job board, the alumni directory, or update your profile with just one set of log-in credentials.

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SMU CIRCLE - June 2016

“Alumni For Life” is OAR's inaugural annual report to our alumni and other stakeholders for January 2015 to March 2016. For keepsake, you may get your hardcopy of the report at OAR, located at level 6, SMU Administration Building.

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SMU CIRCLE - May 2016

With the help of SMU’s Office of Integrated Information Technology Services, we take great pleasure in announcing the launch of OAR’s newly revamped alumni website, one that is easier to navigate and more user-friendly.

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SMU CIRCLE - April 2016

New Look For Your Alumni Website!

Your alumni website at will soon have a new look! It will be a mobile responsive site with a university-wide alumni event calendar, a single sign-on feature, live social media feed, and more! With this new platform, Alumni Groups will also have their own Group pages.

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SMU CIRCLE - March 2016

The SMU Alumni Community has come of age! With some 17,000 alumni, it is time for a dedicated venue where they can meet and network. Thanks to the dedication of the SMUAA Executive Committee, this has come to fruition.

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