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Chinese factoring market set to grow to over USD 3tr in size

24 Jan 2018

SMU alumnus and Chairman of Sheng Ye Capital Jeff Tung commented on the growth of the factoring market in China. His...

SMU Ultimate Alumni Group Hat Tournament

19 Jan 2018

  The SMU Ultimate Alumni Group held its first "Hat Tournament" which saw almost 70 alumni and student...

Official Opening of The ALcove

19 Jan 2018

And The ALcove is officially open! On this joyous and momentous occasion, we had the pleasure of having SMU Chairman,...

Launch of SMU Shenzhen Alumni Chapter

16 Jan 2018

On 17 January 2018, the SMU Shenzhen Alumni Chapter - our 12th Overseas Alumni Chapter and 5th in China - was...

Singaporean duo win British award for young leaders

15 Jan 2018

SMU alumnus Oon Tian Sern and now Founder and Chief Executive of Acceset, has been named as one of the two winners of...

Myanmar: BOD Tech leads Series A round in bus ticketing software firm Innoveller

11 Jan 2018

SMU alumnus Kyaw Kyaw Win co-founded Innoveller Co Ltd – a software-as-a-service provider for bus ticketing...

Meet the impressive new Singaporean interns heading to your bank this summer

9 Jan 2018

SMU alumnus Israel Kirk Tan graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Economics from SMU in 2016. He has...

He refined his family's 70-year-old sugar business at 26 – Now it earns over S$100 million a year

5 Jan 2018

SMU alumnus John Cheng joined his family business, Cheng Yew Heng Candy Factory – one of Singapore’s oldest...

New superstars of the arts

2 Jan 2018

SMU alumna Lu Pei Yin shared her journey of how she became a full-time theatre practitioner – from the time she...

Allowing customers to 'get hooked' on coffee

27 Dec 2017

After graduation, SMU alumna Xue Ying Qi went on to further pursue her studies in the field of environmental and...