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Alumni Mentors

The SMU Alumni Mentoring Programme

Kickstarting September 2018!
Registrations are now open until 31 August 2018.

You’ve got your dream job. You’re the perfect person to help SMU students find the career that’s right for them. Share your knowledge with your juniors and help them make the transition from university to work.

Conceived and established by the SMU Alumni Association (SMUAA) in 2010, this programme connects our alumni with SMU students, to guide and provide insights on things that cannot be gleaned in the classroom, such as invaluable industry knowledge, key career opportunities and professional networks.  

As a mentor, you will gain a unique opportunity to develop valuable mentoring skills that will help you grow as a person, and as a leader. Past mentors have also expressed that the programme provides them the chance to take stock and reflect on their own career goals, progression and aspirations. By sharing your expertise, you not only help shape the future career of our SMU students, but also gain a mutually-beneficial experience.   

So we warmly invite you, committed alumni, to join our SMU Mentoring Programme. We look forward to your participation and giving back to the SMU family! 


  • To provide SMU students with an opportunity to learn from an alumni's experiences, personal insights, knowledge, and know-how
  • To provide SMU students with guidance in defining their personal career and other developmental objectives
  • To provide alumni with a platform to reach their full potential by giving back and ‘paying it forward’ to the SMU community
  • To encourage the development of a network of contacts within the SMU community (alumni and students)

Why You Should Sign Up

As a mentor, you can:
  • Make a difference by creating an impact to a student and give back to SMU
  • Develop mutually-beneficial relationships with your juniors
  • Enjoy a rewarding and meaningful experience
Students As a mentee, you can:
  • Jumpstart your professional career while in school
  • Gain insights from an experienced working professional
  • Benefit from important insights to enhance your personal and professional growth


Duration: 6 months (September 2018 to February 2019)
Programme Format:                   
  • Self-matching of alumni mentors and student mentees through the online Alumni Mentoring System
  • Recommended contact time of 15 hours over 24 weeks (email, phone, meet-ups), including a minimum of 2 ‘face-to-face' meet-ups between alumni mentor and student mentee
  • The Office will organise 2 Mentoring Evenings* for alumni mentor and student mentee for their ‘face-to-face’ meet-ups.
  • Outside of the Mentoring Evenings, mentoring pair are welcome and encourage to organise more meet-ups on their own accord.
  • Mid and end programme feedback will be obtained from both mentors and mentees.
Key Dates: 
28 August 2018

Alumni Mentoring Programme kick-off
& Networking Session for Mentors and Mentees

19 & 20 September 2018
(Wed, Thu)

Mentoring Evenings I* 
Enjoy your mentoring session over a simple dinner and in the comfort of our alumni & student space – The ALcove.

(As part of the minimum 2 ‘face-to-face’ meet-ups, mentoring pairs are encourage to attend one of these evenings.)

24 & 25 October 2018
(wed, Thu)

Mentees Connect Network
Meet with fellow student mentees to learn about their mentoring experience and review progress and achievements.

(Student mentees are required to attend one of these sessions)

15 November 2018
Mentors Connect Network
We aim to build a community of practice where mentors can come together to learn and exchange best practices with one another. 
6 & 7 December 2018
(Thu, Fri)

Mentoring Evenings II*
Enjoy your mentoring session over a simple dinner and in the comfort of our alumni & student space – The ALcove.

(As part of the minimum 2 ‘face-to-face’ meet-ups, mentoring pairs are encourage to attend one of these evenings.)

15 February 2019
Appreciation Night
Together, we celebrate the successes of the mentorships and the friendships built over the 6 months and also show our appreciation to all alumni mentors as we close the programme.


For inquiries, please contact the SMU Alumni Mentoring team:


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