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Academic Transcripts

The transcript is the official record of all coursework and grades for classes attended at the Singapore Management University (SMU) in each academic term. It shows the academic history of the student at SMU, and displays the degree(s) awarded, grade point average and academic major(s) and awards, if any.

The Office of the Registrar provides official transcripts bearing the Singapore Management University ceremonial seal and the signature of the Registrar. An official transcript is issued without charge on the first instance to all graduates, together with the degree scroll. The SMU degree scroll is a unique and important document; neither copies nor duplicates are available. However, if your original scroll has been lost or damaged, you may order a replacement from the Registrar's Office via the alumni website.

Please note that separate official transcripts are issued for different levels of programmes, i.e., undergraduate, graduate and exchange.

You may place orders for additional copies of the official transcript as follows:

  • By Courier
    Please print out the Official Transcript Request Form (in PDF format). 
    Fill up the form, enclose a bank draft (overseas) / cheque (local) in Singapore dollars made payable to the "SMU" and mail them to the Office of the Registrar . Do not mail cash. You should indicate your name (as in your official transcript) and student identification number (or official transcript serial number) on the reverse side of the cheque. Alternatively, you may make payment by credit card.  You will need to print out and fill up the Credit Card Payment Form (in PDF format) and mail, fax or email it together with the “Official Transcript Request Form”.
  • In Person 
    You may bring the completed Official Transcript Request Form (in PDF format) with the payment receipt attached to the Office of the Registrar during office hours (please avoid lunchtime). Payment can be done at the Student Services Hub located at Basement Concourse under Li Ka Shing Library (opposite Dental@Uni). Opening hours are Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm. 

If multiple official transcripts are to be mailed to a single destination address, they will be packaged together in one envelope. If you require separately packaged official transcripts, please indicate under the section "Special Instructions" of the request form. Separate charges for different address packaging will apply.

If you are getting a proxy to collect the official transcript on your behalf, please indicate your authorization and the Name and NRIC/Passport Number of the proxy under the section "Special Instructions" of the request form.

Please download Acrobat Reader if you do not have Acrobat Reader.

Cost of Official Transcript
Additional copies of the official transcript may be purchased at the following rates:  

Receiving Method 


By Courier 

  • S$5.50 per additional copy of official transcript
  • S$5.00 courier charge# + S$2.00 handling fee (per destination address)   

By Courier

  • S$5.50 per additional copy of official transcript
  • Prevailing rate of courier charge* + S$2.00 handling fee (per destination address)

In Person

  • S$5.50 per additional copy of official transcript

Note: All fees indicated are subject to changes without prior notice. 
# Based on the prevailing rate (updated as at 1 April 2009) of the courier company (Deltec International Courier Pte Ltd) contracted by SMU - for small packages up to 3kg.
* Based on the following prevailing rates (updated as at 1 April 2009) of the courier company (DHL) contracted by SMU - for DHL document/envelope up to 0.5kg:


Zone A B C D E F G H I
Courier charge in S$ 6.25 8.75 11.30 16.65 15.30 16.45 26.45 29.45 31.10

Click here (in PDF format) to check your country zone. 
Please pay correct amount to avoid any delay in processing your order.

Processing Time
Please allow, in general, 3 working days after we receive your request for the official transcripts to be ready for mailing/collection. Payment must be received before your request can be processed.

Any queries on official transcripts should be directed to:

Office of the Registrar 
Singapore Management University 
Administration Building 
81 Victoria Street 
Singapore 188065 
Tel: (65) 6828 0100 
Fax: (65) 6828 0998 
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 am - 5.45 pm 

(As the office will be closed during lunchtime, please email to make prior arrangement if you need to submit the order/collect the document during lunchtime) 

Last updated on 07 Aug 2018 .