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Volunteer to host an Exchange Student

SMU Host Programme



As an SMU alumnus, you can make a significant difference to the quality of our exchange students’ SMU and Singapore experience by signing up to host an exchange student!

The Office of Dean of Student’s Diversity, Inclusion & Integration (DII) team will match you with an exchange student. An introduction dinner will be organised, following which both you and the student can make your own arrangements to meet, organise outings and socialise at your convenience during the student’s time at SMU.

Examples of activities could be a simple meal at your home, visits to local attractions, gatherings at festive celebrations etc. You could also arrange with fellow hosts to organize group outings and dinners together. Please note that this is NOT a homestay programme.

We recommend that hosts meet up at least twice during the students’ time at SMU and maintain contact via texts, social media messaging, and/or emails at least once a month.

If you are interested to make a difference to the exchange students’ education experience in SMU and Singapore, please click here to register by Sunday, 15 July 2018. 

Once you are matched with a student, you will be invited to the respective introduction dinners.

Host Programme


Introduction Dinner

Host Programme for SMU exchange students

6 months

31 August 2018


For more information, please contact:

·         Leng Leng at, Tel: 6808 5430

·         Kelly at, Tel:6828 0139




Last updated on 26 Feb 2019 .