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Alumni Groups

The SMU Alumni Groups (AGs) are niche communities for alumni formed under the Office of Alumni Relations (OAR), and spearheaded by alumni. The groups are formed under school-based, programme-based, interest-based and affinity-based alumni groups. These individual alumni groups receive funding from OAR.

Building a steady career and a reliable network is easier with strong links to SMU through alumni groups. Our 40-over local alumni groups offer a plethora of networking opportunities with fellow alumni and help you keep updated with industry intelligence.  Being a part of an alumni group will help you build a better foundation for your career. If you would like to start an alumni group, please email us at

Newly minted alumni are automatically enrolled into the school-based alumni groups/chapters depending on the school they graduated from. That way, they stay connected with their school mates beyond graduation.


Alumni groups from various postgraduate programmes are set up to engage SMU’s community of postgraduate alumni and foster a sense of belonging. Postgraduate alumni are also automatically enrolled into the programme-based alumni group depending on the programme they graduated from.


Last updated on 15 Feb 2019 .