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Replacement Certificates

Request of Replacement Certificate
The degree certificate is the certificate serving as a written testimony of the status, qualification and privileges of the student who has officially graduated from Singapore Management University (SMU). It displays the name of the graduate, the degree conferred, the date of conferral and signatories from respective University officials.

The SMU degree certificate is a unique and important document; neither copies nor duplicates are available. Graduates should keep the original SMU degree certificate.  It is not meant to be forwarded or given to others for whatever purposes.  If a graduate needs any certified true copies of the degree certificate, he/she can bring the original together with the photocopy(s) to the Office of the Registrar and we will be happy to assist. 

However, if the original certificate has been lost or damaged, the graduate may order a replacement. No other reasons will be accepted for ordering of a replacement.

In the event that the original certificate is damaged due to a non-proper keeping or being kept for too long in the degree folder, there will be no waiver and a full replacement fee will apply.  We wish to remind you that the degree certificate should not be kept in the degree folder for a long period of time ie. not more than a year.  The degree folder is used for ceremonial presentation only.

Replacement Certificate Format
Please note that replacement certificate will have following format:

  • The replacement certificate will follow the degree certificate format and signatories prevailing at the time of replacement.
  • The following sentence will appear at the bottom of the replacement certificate: “This is a replacement certificate issued on __(date of printing)__” at the bottom of conferment date.
  • The name to be reflected in the replacement certificate must be in line with the SMU official graduation records – that is the name as of graduation date.
    (Therefore, any name changes since graduation will not be used in the replacement certificate. If necessary, you should use the replacement certificate in conjunction with your Deed Poll.)

Supporting Documents Required
The following documents are required for submission when requesting a replacement certificate:

  • Original Police report (must be in English) –  if original certificate is irrecoverably lost, lost in transit, burnt or stolen
  • Original certificate –  if original certificate is damaged

The cost of replacing your degree certificate is as follows:

  • S$80.00 per replacement certificate 
    (Double degree graduates will have to pay S$160.00 if the original certificates of both degrees are lost or damaged)
Ordering of Replacement Certificate
  • Online

You may request for the replacement certificate through online submission here. Do read the instructions carefully before submitting your request.

Before submitting your online request, ensure that the following items are ready:

(i) SMU login/password

If you have forgotten your SMU login ID/password, please contact IT Help Centre at or via phone at +65-68280123.

(ii) Visa/MasterCard for payment

(iii) Police report (must be in English)

If the original certificate is damaged and you are requesting for a replacement certificate through online service, you will need to bring the damaged certificate when collecting the replacement certificate.

  • In Person 

    You may bring the completed Replacement Certificate Order Form (in PDF format) and the supporting document, together with the payment receipt attached to Student Services Hub located at Basement Concourse under Li Ka Shing Library (opposite Dental@Uni).  Opening hours are Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm. 

Payment can be made at: 

• The Student Services Hub itself, or
• AXS machines located at:
    - Basement 1, the Concourse (near the Gym)
    - Level 1, Administration Building (near lobby)

Please note that only one replacement certificate is allowed per order form, except for double degree graduates.

Processing Time
Please allow, in general, 2 weeks after we receive your request for the replacement certificate to be ready for collection at the Registrar Office. Payment must be received before your request can be processed.

We DO NOT accept requests for replacement certificate by post, e-mail, fax or phone.
Please download Acrobat Reader if you do not have Acrobat Reader.

Collection & Enquiries

If you are authorising a proxy to collect the replacement certificate on your behalf, please note the following:

  • You will need to email the completed and signed Authorization Form to at least 3 days before the proxy comes to our office to collect the document.
  • As a form of authentication, the duly completed Authorization Form must be sent using your SMU email account.  Please contact IT Help Centre at or call them at +65-68280123 if you need to reset your password. 
  • The proxy must present his/her NRIC (or passport) as proof of identity when collecting the documents.
  • SMU reserves the right not to issue the degree certificate and transcript to the proxy if the graduate did not send the Authorization Form in advance using his/her SMU email account. 

Collection & any queries on the replacement of certificate can be done at:

Office of the Registrar 
Singapore Management University 
Administration Building
81 Victoria Street
Singapore 188065
Tel: (65) 6828 0100

Office Hrs: Monday-Friday 8:30am-5.45pm
(As the office will be closed during lunchtime, please email to make prior arrangement if you need to submit the order/collect the document during lunchtime.)

Last updated on 01 Mar 2019 .