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Re-issuance of Digital Degree Certificate and Official Transcript

SMU has been issuing an electronic version (in PDF format) of the degree certificate and official transcript to students graduating in January 2013 and onwards.  These documents are considered official and can be validated as they have been digitally certified.

The digital documents are unique and highly secured as they are protected by a patented watermarking technology.  The digital watermark applied here comprises of a set of information that is embedded using secure and proprietary algorithms.  The watermark is invisible to the human eye.

The digital documents are issued without charge on the first instance to January 2013 graduates and onwards.  If the graduates did not download the digital documents during the specified timeline or they have deleted/lost the digital documents, they may submit a request for the re-issuance of their certified digital degree certificate and/or official transcript.  The charges and details for re-issuance are as follows:

Cost of Certified Digital Documents

  • Digital Official Transcript:  S$7* per transcript
  • Digital Degree Certificate:  S$9* per degree (S$18* for double degree)

              *SMU reserves the right to change/adjust such charges in the future. Amount paid is non-refundable.


How to Request

  • By Courier:
    • Please send to the Office of the Registrar the duly completed Digital Certificate Re-issuance Request Form (in PDF format) as well as a bank draft (overseas) / cheque (local) in Singapore dollars made payable to the "SMU". Do NOT send cash. You should indicate your name (as in your official transcript) and student identification number (or official transcript serial number) on the reverse side of the cheque. Alternatively, you may make payment by credit card. You will need to print out and fill up the Credit Card Payment Form (in PDF format) and mail, fax or email it together with the “Digital Certificate Re-issuance Request Form”.
  • In Person:
    • You may bring the duly completed Digital Certificate Re-issuance Request Form (in PDF format) with the payment receipt attached to the Office of the Registrar during office hours (please avoid lunchtime). Payment can be made at:
      • The Student Services Hub located at Basement Concourse under Li Ka Shing Library (opposite Dental@Uni). Opening hours are Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm.
      • AXS machine located at Level 1, Administration Building (near lobby)


How to Retrieve

Please allow, in general, 3 working days after we receive your request to re-issue the certified digital document(s). Payment must be received before your request can be processed.

The document(s) will be made available 3 working days from the payment receipt date and for a period of ONE MONTH via the following download service:

               Alumni website > Quick Links > Download Digital Certificate (need SMU login)

(Please remember to turn off your browser’s pop-up blocker and also save the digital document(s) onto your computer immediately, as once it is opened, you would be deemed to have downloaded the digital document(s) requested for)

No notification to inform the document(s) availability or reminder on the document(s) expiry will be sent.



Any enquiries on the certified digital degree certificate and transcript should be directed to:

Office of the Registrar
Singapore Management University
Administration Building
81 Victoria Street
Singapore 188065
Tel:  (065) 6828 0100
Fax:  (065) 6828 0998
Office hours:  Monday to Friday 8.30am – 5.45pm



Last updated on 08 Aug 2018 .