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SMU Eluminix Homecoming 2018

9 Feb 2018
A night where one of the oldest CCAs, SMU Eurhythmix, gathered to celebrate the success of bring life to the University through hip-hop dancing


A total of 12 generations of The SMU Eluminix (Eurhythmix Alumni Group) dancers, fondly known as Emixers, gathered together for its inaugural annual Homecoming event on Friday 9 February 2018. Its aim is to unite all generations of Emixers and celebrate the successes of the dancers for bringing life to the University through hip-hop dance.

The event saw nearly 100 Emixers from the 6th to the 17th batch connecting and reconnecting with the University and sharing their dance experience during their varsity days.

A few of the senior batches also brought their children to join in the celebration.


The SMU Eurhythmix is probably one of the oldest CCAs in SMU, with its inception dated back to the pioneer days of the University in 2000. With the desire to reunite all batches of Emixers, the SMU Eluminix, with its name when dissected becomes E-aLUMnI-MIX, was officially launched in 2016.

Last updated on 07 Feb 2018 .