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Power to the lifters

3 Sep 2017
In 2013, five SMU alumni who met in the school’s gym, started the Singapore Powerlifting Alliance (SPA), to help increase awareness of powerlifting as a sport. Powerlifting is a sport that consists of three exercises: squats, benchpresses and deadlifts. While SPA does not offer memberships as it is a not-for-profit organisation, it holds competitive meets. When it held its first one-day meet at the university in 2013, 45 powerlifters turned up. Last month, 96 people competed at the annual SPA Championships, including lifters from countries such as Indonesia, Thailand and India. SMU alumna Cheryl Ng, who is one of the co-founders of SPA and is now a lawyer, noted that the sport has gained a strong following in Singapore as a result of more powerlifters sharing videos and photos through social media such as Instagram. 

Last updated on 05 Sep 2017 .