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The 10th Anniversary Celebration of SMU-WISE Postgraduate Program

13 May 2017


On 13th May 2017, Singapore Management University (SMU) and the Wang Yanan Institute for Studies in Economic, Xiamen University (WISE) held the 10th Anniversary Celebration of SMU-WISE Postgraduate Program (2007-2017). Francis KOH (Vice President of SMU), CHAN Soon Huat (Program Manager of Applied Finance), TEE Chyng Wen (Program Manager of Quantitative Finance), Yongmiao Hong (President of the Wang Yanan Institute for Studies in Economic), WISE’s faculty and alumni gathered in Xiamen University, reviewing the glorious course of these ten years’ cooperation. SMU & WISE renewed agreement, exploring further cooperation in the future.



Professor Hong reviewed the 10 years’ cooperation, he said, “10 years’ cooperation between SMU and WISE is steady and happy. The mode of cooperation program is leading in China, the operation of program has already been mature through the endeavor of SMU&WISE while some problems emerged in the starting stage.” He mentioned, “Universities in China are constructing ‘Double First-Rate’ modes, First-Rate in the world needs the world’s standards.” He thought Singapore is a proper reference for China, and SMU-WISE program is the important practice for this idea.

Therefore, Master in Applied Finance (MAF) Program has drawn the attention of students from the starting point. When students just arrived in Singapore, professors led them to some company visits. Students learn how to dress appropriately, how to express themselves, and this is called comprehensive capability. “When I saw the students of the 1st year cooperation came back from Singapore, I found everyone changed”, Prof Hong said, “MAF Program is also a reference for WISE, promoting the idea of educational renewal and curriculum reformation”.

Finally, he also mentioned, “Thanks for all the people making contribution to SMU-WISE program, believing the program will be better and better.”

Francis KOH, the vice president of SMU, said, ”MAF program is successful, most students’ abilities are promoted, and they also get good jobs. The students from Xiamen program are excellent, and they get excellent grades in Singapore. According to the world finance postgraduate ranking of Financial Times, SMU-MAF is one of the best in Asia, ranked the 4th in Asia, and the 42th in the world. I believe the program made full progress and will be better and better through the 10 years’practice.”

In the celebration, everyone reviewed the 10 years’ cooperation by video, witnessing the progress brought by SMU & WISE. The video blessing of alumni all over the world brought in surprise and impression.

Yanzhen Zhang, alumni of 2009 year’s SMU-WISE program & team manager of Investment Banking Department in Minsheng Bank (Xiamen Branch), said “Choice and endeavor are equally important, WISE brought excellent professors to us, let me have the same environment as excellent students’. The program broadened my horizon and changed my life pattern. The unique mode of WISE’s education and the excellent faculty made us feel easier to realize our dreams.”


After the afternoon celebration, alumni drank teas in Sunwise cafeteria, communicating with each other. In the evening celebration, alumni watched the wonderful shows and chatted with each other. NI Chao, alumni of 2013 year’s SMU-WISE program, said “SMU-WISE is the bridge for us to realize our dreams, helping us open the door of financial area. Learn by heart will gain more than what you can imagine. I hope this program can give other alumni and students more chances to communicate and learn. We are all happy to see that SMU alumni can come back to Xiamen for the celebration.”

SMU-WISE has changed our career opportunities and life track to a large extent. WISE is the key for students to have an international horizon.

Sincerely wish all the alumni have successful career! Wish Cooperation Programs & Alumni Association of SMU-WISE will be better and better!


Editor: NI Chao

Last updated on 06 Jun 2017 .