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SMU-Accenture Alumni Group Gathering

22 Jun 2017

The first SMU-Accenture alumni group event was held on 22nd June 2017 where over 30 SMU Alumni bonded over great food and drinks. Since its launch on 8th March 2017, the group set out to build a closely-knitted community of alumni in Accenture that will help drive and foster a strong relationship between Accenture and SMU.

This event would be one of many to come where SMU alumni come together over food and drinks to mingle and also discuss ways the group can move forward to achieve its vision and mission. SMU interns were also invited to network with SMU alumni in Accenture.

The event was held at Alumni Bistro B3 with the kind sponsorship from SMU Office of Alumni Relations. The Alumni Bistro B3 provided a chilled ambience for the all to interact and unwind over dinner and drinks. The night was overall a success, judging from the many laughs shared and new friendships formed.

The SMU-Accenture alumni group is the first company-based alumni group formed and as such, it is essential to build the right momentum to drive the group forward. To achieve that, more engagement events would be held in the near future to raise the visibility of the group as well as establish itself as a platform for present and future alumni within Accenture to exchange insights.

Last updated on 13 Jul 2017 .