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Places to increase to 200k to allow all children to begin at the same starting point

21 Aug 2017


SMU business alumna Marie Luo Pei Yi left her Assistant Director position at MTI last year to be a pre-school teacher under the Ministry of Education (MOE) fully sponsored Kindergarten Teacher Training Programme. Ms Luo, who now works at the MOE Kindergarten in Punggol View, continues to be trained on the job and has a mentor.  “The focus of the career switch is not about wages, what’s more important is the value of the work. To be able to watch the children develop and grow – intellectually and in their character and motor skills – is an honour. This job is about developing our next generation, it’s something money cannot buy,” she said.


Lianhe Wanbao, p6 (Aug 21) 

Last updated on 23 Aug 2017 .