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News - 2015-10

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Professional Development Talk - Telling Your Professional Story on LinkedIn

28 Oct 2015

As part of the Alumni Professional Development Series organised by the SMU Office of Alumni Relations (OAR), more than...

SMU Interaction Night for SMUX Alumni

27 Oct 2015

  Close to 100 students and alumni attended the inaugural SMUX Interaction Night held on 27 October 2015. ...

School of Information Systems (SIS) Day 2015

22 Oct 2015

  SIS Day, the annual event celebrating the anniversary of the SMU School of Information Systems (SIS) was...

Paying It Forward the SMU Way

14 Oct 2015

More than 80 students and alumni attended the Opening Ceremony of the SMU Alumni Mentoring Programme (11th run) on 14th...

Class of 2005 10th Year Reunion

10 Oct 2015

  “It has been 10 years, oh my goodness, can you believe it has been 10 years?” exclaimed alumna ...

Class of 2010 - 5th Year Reunion

10 Oct 2015

Five years is not a very long time to be away from the university that you have graduated from but not a short time...

MPA Alumni Group - Wine Appreciation

8 Oct 2015

  “Family” was the theme of the wine appreciation event that the Masters of Professional...