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FAQs on the Alumni Mobile App

Mobile App

1. What is SMU Alumni Mobile app?

The alumni mobile app provides SMU alumni with a virtual alumni card as a form of identification. Alumni who are not SMUAA members will have a blue alumni card, while SMUAA members will have a gold alumni card. The alumni card entitles alumni to exclusive privileges from participating merchant partners. Alumni can also update their profiles, access benefits, services and information on the go using the mobile app.

2. Where can I use the virtual alumni card on the mobile app?

You can use the virtual alumni card to enjoy exclusive privileges at participating merchant partners. For the list of merchants,please see the Alumni Privileges in the app. A valid ID is required to enjoy the privileges and the alumni card is strictly non-transferrable.

The Alumni Privileges are grouped into 6 different categories which can be found on the home screen. Tap on each to discover the privileges available to you.


3. What are the Operating System platforms supported by SMU mobile app?

This app is supported on iOS and Android mobile platforms.

4. Can I still use my physical SMUAA membership card if I have downloaded the app?

Yes, you can. For the time being, the physical card is required to access the common areas in the 6 schools and the university lounge.

5. How can I sign up for the alumni mobile app?

All SMU Alumni can sign up by using their existing SMU Email-ID and password. When you register with us for the first time, you will be asked for your consent to comply with the PDPA act and regulations.

6. What if I have forgotten my SMU Email-ID and password or I’m unable to log in. What should I do?

Please visit the SMU Office of Alumni Relations website or use the “Online Password Reset” in the app or call our SMU IT Help Centre at 68280123 to retrieve your SMU Email-ID and password.

7. I have encountered some issues with the app or have other general queries, who can I contact?

Please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at or email to

8. Where are the other icons like update profile and job board?

You can swipe the slider to the left to be able to see more icons. For more information, you can click here.

9. How do I upload my profile photo?

i) Firstly, locate "View Alumni Card" at the bottom of the app.

ii) At the "Alumni Card" page, tap "Upload Your Card Photo". 

iii) In the "Update Profile Photo" page, tap "Choose File" button and select an image from your device. 

iv) After selecting an image, tap the "Upload" button and then save.


v) Lastly, drag down the page to refresh and check that the profile photo has been changed. 

10. Where can I update my personal profile?

Please select the “Update Profile” menu or icon on the mobile app to update your personal profile.

11. Where can I find information on the SMU Alumni Association (SMUAA)?

Please visit or via the mobile app.

12. How to logout user the from App?

i) Click the "Logout" tab from the slider. 

ii) The "Logged Out Successfully" page will be displayed and you will be logged out after you close the app

13. Why does the app take a long time to load?

For first time users, when you first launch the app, it will take time to initialise. Subsequently, the app should be able to load faster. 

If you're not a first time user of this app and it still takes a long time to load, check that you are connected to an internet connection or you have switched on your mobile data. 

14. Why are there icons with lock?

You might have noticed these icons have an lock icons:

These sections require a valid Alumni ID, so you will have to login before you can view these contents.