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If you have questions related to the University and its services, or have encountered difficulties whilst you're in the Alumni Community sections, you've come to the right place.

Still can't find what you're looking for? Do contact the SMU Alumni Relations Office at or call 6828 0797.

For membership enquiries, please visit SMUAA FAQ or email SMUAA at

Last updated on 13 Nov 2018 .


1. Am I an Alumnus of Singapore Management University?

All students who graduate from SMU’s bachelor or postgraduate degree(s) are recognised as an SMU alumnus (alumni for plural).  

2. Where can I find out more information on the SMU Alumni Association membership (SMUAA)?

The SMU Alumni Association (SMUAA) was setup on 8 July 2005.  Please visit for more information on its membership privileges and FAQs.

3. How do I register as a member of the SMUAA?

Register as a SMUAA member HERE or in person at the Alumni Bistro B3: Burger Beer Bistro located at SIS Basement Concourse, B1-61, beside Big Steps.

4. Will I be given an SMU Alumni Association membership card?

Alumni who are members of the SMUAA will be issued with the SMUAA Membership card entitling them to enjoy special benefits and privileges offered by the association.  Do note that your student access card will be disabled upon graduation. Sign up for your SMUAA membership at

5. Can I keep my existing student email account?

All SMU graduates can continue using existing student email accounts. This is a lifelong email account given to students during matriculation. The name of the account remains unchanged. Please note that if you do not access your account for more than 6 months, your account will be de-activated.  You will need to contact IITS Helpdesk to reactivate your account.  For more information on the lifelong email account, please click here.

6. How can I reactivate my SMU email account or retrieve/reset my SMU email password?

You can retrieve your SMU Email password by emailing with these details as verification of your identity (all 5 must be provided). Your password will be sent through email reply (to the alternative email address that you've used to send the request with).

  1. NRIC or FIN
  2. Full name as per NRIC or FIN
  3. Current mobile number
  4. Date of Birth
  5. SMU email address

Alternatively you can use this Online Password Reset service to reset your password. 

7. Can I forward my SMU email account to my active personal email account?

Please refer to these instructions to configure your email forwarding. However, if your mailbox is full, the service will be unable to forward emails to your active account.  If you prefer to use your personal email, please update your profile here. 

8. How do I get duplicate copies of my transcript?

You may place orders for additional copies of the official transcript from the SMU Registrar's Office. Please refer to this page for more information.

9. How do I get a replacement for my degree scroll?

Please refer to the Replacement Scrolls page for more information under Services and Benefits. 

10. Do I have access to ONTRAC services after graduation?

The ONTRAC service is extended to graduates for a period of ONE year after graduation. 

11. Do I have access to the library services after graduation?

Only Alumni(s) who subscribe to the SMUAA membership will have walk-in access to the SMU Libraries. Additional fee is required for Libraries borrowing privileges and selected database access. 

Please click here for more information on the privileges offered by the SMU Libraries. To enjoy Library privileges, you can apply for the SMUAA Membership (Library Plan).

12. Can I visit the University?

We welcome our alumni to visit the SMU City Campus. You may change for a visitor pass at the reception counter if you wish to visit your favourite faculty or staff in their offices.  Please email us at if you wish to join the City Campus guided tours conducted by the SMU Ambassadors.

13. How can I set up an Alumni Group or Chapter?

Alumni with similar interests can get together to set up an alumni group. You can find more details on Alumni Groups here. If you would like to volunteer to set up an alumni group or overseas chapter, please email us at, call 6828 0797 or indicate your interest here.

14. I am on SMU Campus, how do I log on to the wifi?

SMU Wifi (SMU Wide)

If you're around campus and would like to access Wi-Fi with your notebook or smartphone, feel free to login under WLAN-ALUMNI network using your SMU ID (e.g. john.tan.2005) and password. To reset your SMU Email account password, please contact IITS at with your:

1.             Full Name as per NRIC or Passport

2.             NRIC/FIN

3.             SMU email address

4.             Current mobile number

5.             Date of birth

Alternatively you can use this Online Password Reset service to unlock / reset your SMU Email account password. 

15. Am I eligible to enjoy the benefits and discounts under the SMU Alumni Privilege Programme?

The SMU Alumni Privilege Programme, managed by the Office of Alumni Relations, is one of the benefits for ALL SMU alumni. SMU alumni enjoy exclusive privileges and discounts at participating merchants. To enjoy these privileges, SMU alumni will have to present their virtual SMU alumni card on their mobile phones. SMU Alumni Association (SMUAA) members will present either their virtual or printed membership cards to the merchants to enjoy additional privileges.

Click here more information on the SMU Alumni Privilege Programme, the virtual Alumni Card and the Alumni Mobile app. 

16. How do I download the SMU Mobile app and access my virtual Alumni Card?

Click here for instructions on how to download the app. With this new mobile app, SMU alumni will now have their own virtual alumni card to enjoy privileges and discounts, view and join upcoming events, search for career opportunities, and more.

Read the FAQs on the SMU Mobile app for more information.