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Director's Message

Dear SMU Alumni and Stakeholders,
Greetings and welcome to the Office of Alumni Relations.  My colleagues and I are glad that you have arrived at this page and we hope you will stay a little longer to browse the site.
An educational institution is only as good as its graduates.  The most renowned universities often boast alumni who have made it to top offices of government, business, social and civic society; and/or are household names in the communities within which they reside.  Such individuals are often persons who have contributed significantly to the way we live, and to the lives of others.
At the Singapore Management University, we are no different.  We are very proud of our graduates and aspire to have an illustrious list of students and alumni who have not only strived to be the best in the world, but to be the best FOR the world.  We hope that our graduates see the time spent at SMU as transformational, and want to continue to be associated with us.  The Office of Alumni Relations is committed to build that link between the university and our alumni, to identify ways in which the university can continue to offer opportunities for learning and personal development, to be a resource and networked hub for your career advancement and progress, and to be a home for you to come back to and meet with fellow-alumni socially. On your part, we hope that you will want to stay engaged with SMU and be part of our activities, further the agenda of the university, and most importantly, to be part of the grooming process for the next generation of SMU graduates.
Towards that end, here are some ways that you can stay engaged with us in varying levels of involvement:
1. Stay connected. Keep us updated on your whereabouts after you have left SMU.  Register as a member of the SMU Alumni Association and regularly check in to let us know where you are.  We will send you information on events and programmes on campus and how you can be involved.
2. Take part.  Do sign up for our events and alumni groups…whether this is Patron’s Day or joining a group of your specific affiliation (and there are many, including school chapters, interest groups, industry groups, affinity groups etc; see here for details), and signing up for their events.
3. Volunteer. Step up to help organize an event or contribute your time for a specific cause or project.  These can be through the respective alumni groups or with the SMU Alumni Association, or as a mentor to students or younger alumni. You might also consider being part of the SMU Ambassadors or the SMUAA Ex-Co or sub-committees.
4. Post job/internship positions for students.  As part of the workforce, offer to take on SMU students as interns or even a job if they meet your criteria.  This will certainly help our students get real-world experience and find employment, respectively.
5. Gifting.  There are always students who could do with a financial lift.  You could consider a financial gift (or get a group of alumni together to put together a financial gift) that would come in handy for some students.  Scholarships and bursaries are welcome, although you could consider a gift for specific causes.
Do contact us at or the SMU Alumni Association for details of any of the above; or just to give us feedback on how we can serve you better.
I look forward to meeting you at our events and hope that you will continue to walk the journey with SMU for generations to come.
With the warmest regards,
Dr. Bervyn Lee

Director, Office of Alumni Relations

Bervyn Lee, Office of Alumni Relations, SMU

Last updated on 14 Feb 2018 .