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Alumni Professional Development Series

In serving the growing learning and training needs of alumni, we conducted a survey in late 2016 seeking your input and opinions. We hear you and endeavor to cater to most, if not all possibilities, within our means. Apart from Office of Alumni Relations’ (OAR) existing offering of professional development talks and workshops, we are pleased to introduce SMU Academy’s wide array of courses focusing on Financial Services, Technology & Intelligent Systems, Human Capital, Management & Leadership. OAR's courses are typically short and impactful at three hours, while SMU Academy credit-bearing and certified courses take place over longer durations. The two-pronged approach is presented below:


1)       SMU OAR’s professional development series, comprising workshops and fireside chats, focusing on meeting the professional and career needs of alumni. Watch this space for the upcoming and more!

2)      Collaboration with SMU Academy on credit-bearing courses with certification. Come back to school and be further enriched by your favourite professors. For more courses in SMU Academy, please click on the links below:

Graduate Certificate in Innovation

Introduction to Opportunity Recognition & Ideation Management

Business Model and Technology Innovation

Innovation Management Tool ‘Design Thinking

Turning Innovation Concepts into Business Cases

The Financial Potential and Risks of new Business Ideas

Business Model and Technology Innovation



Graduate Certificate in Communications Management

Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Data Analytics

Data Visualisation

Foundation of Brand Storytelling

Brand Storytelling Studio

Last updated on 24 Nov 2017 .