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Overseas Alumni Chapters

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Whether you have relocated to another city (for work, for love, or other reasons), or you have returned back to your home country upon graduation, it doesn’t mean we lose sight of you! Keep in touch with your alma mater and get involved in alumni activities wherever you are in the world.

Set up in various cities all over the world, Overseas Alumni Chapters serve to engage SMU’s community of international alumni and overseas-based alumni. Each chapter is led by an executive committee of alumni volunteers whose role is to keep overseas alumni connected with each other and with the university. Overseas alumni play an important role in strengthening SMU’s presence globally. They support the university’s initiatives and programmes, and grow SMU’s international networks.

There are currently 13 official Overseas Alumni Chapters, as well as 13 Overseas Alumni Representatives. Overseas Alumni Chapters can be established in locations where there are sufficient concentrations of SMU alumni. If alumni numbers are small, Overseas Alumni Representatives can be appointed.

Please write to us to update your overseas residential address at

If you are keen to start an overseas alumni chapter, please also write to


Last updated on 04 Apr 2019 .